Error 628 in Windows-7, XP and Vista

Error 628 in Windows occurs when your system is unable to establish connection with Internet. There are various factors due to which this error appears on your screen. One among other factors is that if you are connecting to Internet using improper connection settings, you would face this error.

  • Contact service provider to test your Phone line/Cable Network
  • Update device drivers mainly your Network Driver
  • Repair Network Settings
  • Uninstall and reinstall Modem Device
  • Temporarily disable your firewall program
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Contact Service Provider to Test Your Phone Line

Error 628 in Windows can appear due to problem with your phone line. If you are using Internet over same phone line, contact service provider to test phone line for line attenuation and fix any noise margins. Once you ensure the phone line is in good state, try next step.

Update Device Drivers Mainly Network Driver

Presence of outdated device drivers mainly your Network Driver can cause error 628 in Windows. If you have outdated network driver, uninstall and reinstall updated driver. Follow the instructions given below to update network driver.

  • First of all download updated network driver from vendor’s website.
  • Now Right Click on My Computer | Properties
  • Select Hardware Tab | Click on Device Manger
  • Select Network Driver
  • Uninstall it
  • Restart your computer.

Repair Network Settings

You need to change network settings in order to fix error 628 in Windows. You can use a Registry cleaning software for this purpose.

  • Download and Install Reliable Registry Cleaning Software such as the RegInOut which also contains an Internet Optimizer feature to optimize your internet connection.
  • Run Full Registry Scan | Fix Errors
  • Restart your system.

Uninstall and Reinstall Modem Device

You can receive error 628 in Windows if your system has not detected modem device properly. Unplug—reconnect and uninstall—reinstall the device. Follow the instructions given below.

  • Close all active programs.
  • Click on Start | Search | Type “ Device Manager” without quotes
  • Now expand Network Adapters | Right Click on Network Device
  • Select Properties | Click on Driver name in New Dialog box
  • Click on Uninstall | OK | Close
  • Now unplug your modem | Reset your system
  • When your Windows desktop appears, re-plug modem.
  • Windows would detect New Hardware automatically.

Temporarily Disable the Firewall Program

Your Firewall program can be blocking you to connect to the Internet. Turn off firewall and it would ultimately fix error 628 in Windows.

  • Click on Start button | Select Control Panel
  • Click on System and Security | Select Windows Firewall
  • Click on Turn Windows Firewall ON or OFF | Just Disable it
  • Restart your system.